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Urban Water Management Plan

Water Supply Reliability Self-Certification

Sewer System Management Plan

RFP Process/Current Requests

Shutdown Map

SB 272 Compliance

 990 E Mission Rd Fallbrook CA 92028, Phone: (760) 728-1125, Mailing Address: PO Box 2290 Fallbrook CA 92088-2290, Office hours: 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday, closed holidays.
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To participate in this program, as administered by Fallbrook Public Utility District, the applicant shall be required to provide the information, certification and acknowledgement as indicated on the application form for each meter/account number for which the customer is choosing to have participate.
To qualify for this program, the water used shall be limited to parcels of land with a minimum of 1 acre of irrigated land used exclusively for the growing of agricultural, horticultural or floricultural product(s), produced for human consumption or for the market, or (2) for the feeding of fowl or livestock produced for human consumption or for market, or (3) for the feeding of fowl or livestock for the purpose of obtaining their products for human consumption or for the market.  Such products to be grown or raised on a parcel of land having an area of not less than 1 acre utilized exclusively for said products. Evidence of an Agricultural business must be provided via sales receipts and/or tax returns (such as Schedule F).

Consumer Confidence Report/Water Quality Report Calendar Year 2015


24 Hour Emergency Number
(760) 728-1125

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As of October 3rd 2016, FPUD will be switching to our new Utility Billing Application. While there will be no change to the current services you are billed for, your water account number will be changing. Your new account number will be in a nine digit format like this, XXXXXX-XXX. 
Cycle 03 September statements will be the first to reflect this change.  

If you have an existing FPUD Online Profile, or are set up for Automatic Payment withdrawal with FPUD, there will be no need to make any changes to your profile, or input your new water account number. 
Your new account number will automatically update to your online profile.
And to your Automatic Payment Withdrawal information.


If you pay your FPUD statement through a third party vendor, such as your bank, it is important that you include your full account number as it appears on your statement, including all zeros. If your FPUD statement is paid on your behalf automatically by a third party vendor, again such as your bank, it
is important that you update your FPUD account number to ensure that
your payment is applied to the proper FPUD water account.

Cycles 01 and 02 billing statements prepared and mailed prior to October 3rd 2016, will not include the new account number format. However, you may still use the payment stub from those statements when mailing your payment, or when coming into the office. If you have any questions regarding the new account number format, or if you are unsure of your billing cycle,  
please call our Customer Service Department at (760) 728-1125.


The final paving work on S Mission Rd, near the High School, scheduled for
Monday, August 29th is being temporarily delayed pending approval from the
County. FPUD is waiting to hear whether a "chip seal" is needed in order to
move forward with the final portion of the road work associated with the
sewer main replacement that began earlier this year. The S Mission project has
affected the areas between Olive Hill Rd and Overland Trail.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact
Noelle Denke at (760) 728-1125

The final EIR/EIS for the Santa Margarita Conjuctive Use Project, to supply
over 30% of the District's water demands, has been completed and will be
considered by the District board for adoption at the September 26th board
meeting. the entire document is available to view HERE

For additional information, or questions about the project or property,
contact Brian Brady at (760) 728-1125, or by email at

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